I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – it is such a joy to have return clients in the studio to photograph their expanding family and follow their journey.

Meet this sweet baby girl, “Miss Nora” – at only 14 days new, she’s already bringing so much joy to those around her and is just such a darling.  I photographed her Big Brother Oliver as a newborn over two and a half year’s ago now, it’s just so crazy how quickly time flies by.  

Little Nora loved being wrapped up and feeling secure which we made the most of for her family shots and prop poses. Now let’s talk newborn siblings… so many of my clients returning for their second (or third) baby’s newborn shoot stress so much about getting the “sibling shot” or the “family shot” and if their (often toddler aged) child is going to be corporative or behave.  Let’s be honest, their are no guarantees.  Although I do have some little tricks up my sleeve and will always try my hardest to get those shots…sadly I’m only as good as how cooperative your child is on the day.  However, can I suggest that you come into the studio with no or little expectations as possible and then sometimes magic just happens as seen below.  Sibling Oliver didn’t want a bar of me when he first got out of the car but with some time and a little  persuasion (and perhaps some bribing lol), he was such a big boy and posed beautifully for both his family and sibling shots so well that we even got a second sibling shot with a prop.  He actually blew me away and I’m so please for these gorgeous parents to now have these memories to look back on and remember how small both of their babies once were!!

Congratulations again Lydia and Sami, you certainly make beautiful babies and together are one divine family!!